Sustaining Membership


What does it Mean to be a Sustaining Member?

Sustaining Members are Full (aka “Regular”) Members of HAWL who have exhibited a special commitment to HAWL and its mission.

HAWL Board of Directors determine the unique benefits for Sustaining Members which may include special recognition on HAWL’s website, during HAWL’s programs, and at select HAWL events.

Who are the Current Sustaining Members?

Click here to find a list of Sustaining Members in HAWL.

How do I Apply to Become a Sustaining Member?

HAWL encourages you to submit your application or renewal through the FAWL website.  Click here to visit FAWL’s website and then choose either Renew Today (for current HAWL or FAWL members renewing) or Join FAWL Now (for new members).  Please contact FAWL directly should you require assistance with your on-line application or renewal.

I am Already a Full (aka Regular) Member of HAWL.  How can I Become a Sustaining Member?

It is very simple!  If you want to become a Sustaining Member and your annual HAWL membership is up for renewal, simply select “Sustaining Member” as your membership option for the upcoming bar year when you are renewing in the FAWL website.

If you have already joined or renewed your HAWL membership for the current bar year and you want to “upgrade” to Sustaining Member status, please contact HAWL’s Vice President of Membership who can assist you.  To find out who that is, please click here.

I am already a Sustaining Member.  How else can I Advertise my Firm or Support HAWL?

You may be interested in one of HAWL’s Strategic Partnerships.  Click here to find out more about our Strategic Partnership opportunities.

I still have questions about Sustaining Membership. Who should I contact?

The HAWL leadership is happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

For all HAWL membership questions, please contact the Vice President of Membership.  To find out who that is, click here.