Student Membership


What are Student Members/Awaiting Bar Admission?

HAWL welcomes members who are enrolled at any accredited law school.  This membership is available up until the student (or former student) is admitted to any State Bar at which point the member is eligible for Full Membership.

HAWL Student Members enjoy many of the privileges and benefits of HAWL membership, including member-priced attendance at luncheons and events, committee participation, and the opportunity to participate in HAWL’s award-winning mentoring program.  However, Student Members are not eligible to vote or hold office.

HAWL’s Student Member dues, although discounted from Full Membership price, include membership in the state-wide organization of Florida Association for Women Lawyers (FAWL).

My Law School Has a FAWL Chapter, so Why Should I Join HAWL?

Joining HAWL provides you with the opportunity to participate in a diverse network of attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals.  Privileges and benefits to HAWL membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Numerous opportunities to be involved in the local legal community in a variety of ways
  • Membership lunches on a monthly basis September – May
  • HAWL’s premier judicial reception each January
  • HAWL’s award-winning annual International Women’s Day symposium each March
  • Participation in HAWL’s award-winning mentoring program
  • Collaborative efforts with other local voluntary bar associations
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Pro bono legal opportunities

You can join more than one FAWL chapter.  In other words, you may join both your law school’s FAWL chapter and HAWL.

While you may not be able to continue your membership in your law school’s FAWL chapter upon conclusion of your school enrollment, HAWL’s Student Membership is available for those enrolled at an accredited law school and up through admittance to any State Bar.

If I join both HAWL and my Law School FAWL Chapter, do I Get any Financial Benefits?

Absolutely!  You will receive member pricing for luncheons, events, and activities for both organizations.

Also, if you are a member of more than one FAWL chapter (for example, both HAWL and your Law School FAWL chapter), you will only have to pay your annual FAWL dues once.  This is one of the reasons HAWL encourages you to apply for membership or renew your membership through the FAWL website.  The website will recognize your multi-chapter membership and only charge you the FAWL dues once.

Great!  How do I Join or Re-Join HAWL as a Student Member?

Student Members are encouraged to apply for HAWL membership or renew their HAWL membership through the FAWL website.  Click here to visit FAWL’s website and then choose either Renew Today (for current FAWL members renewing) or Join FAWL now (for new members or re-joining FAWL members.  Please contact FAWL directly should you require assistance with your on-line application or renewal.