Membership Dues

How Much does a HAWL Membership Cost?

 – Sustaining Membership:  $250

 – Full (aka Regular) Membership:

           – Government or Legal Aid Attorneys:  $115

          – All other Attorneys:  $185

 – Student Membership:  $115

 – Affiliate Membership:*  $185

– Emeritus: $85

*Subject to Approval by Board of Directors

Membership applications and dues received April 1st or later will be effective for current membership through the upcoming bar year (June 1 – May 31st).

What is Included in HAWL’s Annual Dues?

Annual HAWL membership dues include the cost of all membership luncheons and events as well as (for all Full, Sustaining, and Student Members), your $45 annual dues for membership in the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (FAWL).

Affiliate and Honorary Membership does not include a FAWL membership.

What if I Want to Join but Cannot Afford the Annual Dues?

Annual dues may be reduced based upon financial needs of a prospective member, taking into account the financial resources of the applicant and the applicant’s involvement in HAWL, FAWL, and proposed future involvement.

For more information or to request a dues reduction, please contact HAWL’s Vice President of Membership.  To find out who that is, click here.