Full Membership


Is HAWL Membership Only Open to Females?

No!  Membership in HAWL is available to persons of any gender.

What does it mean to be a Full (aka Regular) of HAWL?

A member in good standing of the Bar of any State who is a member in good standing of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers (aka FAWL) is eligible to be a Full Member of HAWL upon submission of his/her application and dues payment.  Full Members have all privileges and benefits of HAWL membership including the right to vote and hold office.

So do I have to Apply to FAWL Separately?

No.  Your application to HAWL is considered an application to FAWL and your membership dues payment includes the $45 annual FAWL dues fee.

I’m a Member of Another FAWL Chapter, do I have to Apply to HAWL Separately?

Yes and no.  This is one of the reasons that HAWL has transitioned to a FAWL membership processing where all HAWL members (with limited exceptions) must apply for and renew their HAWL membership through the FAWL website.  When you apply or re-apply to HAWL through the FAWL website, the website will ask you if you are a member of another FAWL chapter or if you would like to join another FAWL chapter, then the website will automatically only charge you the FAWL dues once.  However, if you have joined or renewed with another FAWL chapter through a paper application (not the FAWL website), then you will need to apply or re-apply to HAWL through the FAWL website.  This may require a phone call to FAWL to make sure you are only paying your FAWL dues once.

If you have any problems or questions about this, please contact HAWL’s Vice President of Membership.  To find out who that is, please click here.

What are the Benefits and Privileges of HAWL Membership?

Privileges and benefits to HAWL membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Listing in HAWL’s on-line membership directory
  • Numerous opportunities to be involved in the local legal community in a variety of ways
  • Membership lunches on a monthly basis September – May [CLE credits may be available]
  • HAWL’s premier judicial reception each January
  • HAWL’s award-winning annual International Women’s Day symposium each March
  • Support in application for leadership positions, locally and state-wide
  • Participation in HAWL’s award-winning mentoring program
  • Collaborative efforts with other local voluntary bar associations
  • Opportunities to network with other legal professionals
  • Community outreach opportunities
  • Pro bono legal opportunities

PLUS, Full Members are FAWL members and enjoy all the privileges and benefits to FAWL membership as well.  Click here to read more about the value of FAWL membership.

One of the best ways to maximize your HAWL membership is to get more involved through committee participation.

What are Committees and Why Should I Join a Committee?

Committees are groups of HAWL members dedicated to developing a variety of opportunities for HAWL members to further HAWL’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Committees are fun opportunities to collaborate with other professionals within the legal industry to, among other things, develop continuing legal educational programs, foster leadership, enhance leadership opportunities for HAWL members, and facilitate social and networking events.

Becoming involved in a committee is an excellent way to maximize your HAWL membership.

The HAWL president appoints members to certain standing committees, however most committees are open to all HAWL members including:

  • Awards Committee
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Diversity Committee
  • Judicial Relations Committee
  • Mentoring Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Government Attorneys Committee
  • Communications/Newsletter Committee
  • Public Relations/Publicity Committee

HAWL members can join any of the above committees by simply contacting one of the committee chairs.  A list of committees and committee chairs are available by clicking here.

I want to Advertise my Firm with HAWL.  What do I need to do?

Full Members may be interested in HAWL’s Strategic Partnership opportunities.  Click here for more information about the opportunities available for law firms.

I am Interested in Getting More Involved in the Leadership of HAWL.  What do I need to do?

Full Members of HAWL are eligible to hold office including chairing a committee, being a member of the Board of Directors, and serving as an officer.

A great way to start on the path to leadership is to become actively involved in one of HAWL’s committees.

If you are already actively involved in a HAWL committee and would like to take the next step, please contact HAWL’s president or one of the HAWL officers to express your interest.  A list of HAWL’s officers is available by clicking here.

How do I Become a Full (aka Regular) Member of HAWL?

HAWL would be thrilled to receive your membership application!  Click here for our “how to join or renew” page.

New and returning HAWL Members are encouraged to submit their applications and renewals through the FAWL website.  Click here to visit FAWL’s website and then choose either Renew Today (for current HAWL or FAWL members renewing) or Join FAWL Now (for new members).  Please contact FAWL directly should you require assistance with your on-line application or renewal.