Affiliate Membership

How to Maximize Your Affiliate Membership in HAWL

HAWL is thrilled to have affiliate members!  Affiliate membership is available for any non-lawyer who is dedicated to supporting the mission, goals and objectives of HAWL whose application has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Samples of those welcome to apply* for affiliate membership include, but are not limited to, the Clerk of Court, Judicial Assistants, paralegals, legal assistants, and members of litigation support organizations.

Although ineligible to vote or hold office, Affiliate Members enjoy many of the privileges and benefits of HAWL membership including, but not limited to:

     – Attendance at HAWL’s membership programs and events;

     – Participation in HAWL committees; and

     – Opportunities to engage in Strategic Partnerships with HAWL

Affiliate membership of HAWL does not include affiliate membership in FAWL.  FAWL requires a separate application for affiliate membership.  More information about FAWL affiliate membership is available by clicking here.

HAWL requests that its affiliate members not directly solicit HAWL members or their guests for business or donations.  Doing so may result in the revocation of the affiliate membership or denial of a renewal of said membership.

Instead, HAWL encourages its affiliate members to use their membership to cultivate meaningful relationships with others within the legal community to enhance leadership opportunities for HAWL members, provide educational programs, engage the local and legal communities through various community outreach and pro bono programs and events, and facilitate social and networking events.

Perhaps the best way for HAWL affiliate members to maximize their membership is through participation in HAWL’s numerous committee opportunities.  Affiliate members are welcome to join committees, although they cannot serve as chair.  To find out more about HAWL’s committees and who to contact with questions, click here.

Affiliate members are welcome to advertise their law firms and business organizations to HAWL through HAWL’s Strategic Partnership Opportunities.  Click here to find out more about HAWL’s strategic partnership opportunities for law firms and strategic partnership opportunities for business organizations.

Should you have any questions about affiliate membership, please contact HAWL’s Vice President of Membership.  To find out who that is, click here.