Mentoring Guidelines

2015-16 HAWL Mentoring Program Guidelines

Welcome to the 2015-16 HAWL Mentoring Program! This mentoring program creates opportunities for law school
students and young lawyers in their first five years of practice to develop the practical skills and judgment necessary to practice in a highly competent manner and to instill the ethical and professional values that characterize excellent lawyers.

The following are the guidelines pertinent to the mentoring relationship.


Participants are encouraged to meet in-person at least once per semester (in the fall and in the spring), or more often if the participants wish to do so. To facilitate in-person meetings, Mentors are encouraged to invite their Mentees to the Kick-Off Event on October 28, 2015; the Shadow Day at the Courthouse on November 16, 2015; and the Day with the Clerk in the Spring of 2016. Also, participants are encouraged to attend HAWL’s membership meetings together.

Mentoring pairings are further encouraged to speak on a monthly basis via phone, e-mail, Skype, or another electronic medium. To facilitate such conversations, the Mentoring Committee will circulate a monthly discussion topic that the pairings may discuss at their option.

The program will span the fall, 2015 and spring, 2016 semesters, starting in October, 2015 and ending in May, 2016. While the formal program itself lasts only one school year, it is our hope that the relationships themselves will last much longer.


To be a Mentor, you must be a member of HAWL and be licensed to practice in Florida. Mentors in their first five years of practice will be paired with a law school student Mentee. Mentors with five years of experience or more may be paired with a law school student and/or young lawyer Mentee.

All Mentors may also participate as a Mentor of the Moment. Please see below for information on the Mentor of the Moment program.


Law school students who are members of their local law school FAWL chapters and/or a member of HAWL are eligible to be Mentees. Also, attorneys who have been licensed for less than five years in the state of Florida are eligible to be a Mentee (and/or a Mentor, as noted above).

The Mentoring Committee anticipates a high number of Mentee applications, and asks all those who are eligible to serve as a Mentor to consider joining the program.


Both Mentors and Mentees are required to register for participation in the program by Wednesday, October 21, 2015. The registration process only takes a few minutes, and includes requests for a variety of information that will be used to help the Committee match Mentors and Mentees.

Mentors and Mentees can identify particular practice areas in a match, and while attempts will be made to meet these preferences, there is no guarantee those preferences will be strictly followed. The Committee’s goal will be to make the best match possible for each Mentee and Mentor relationship.


HAWL’s Mentor of the Moment program is a way for Mentors to provide information to lawyers and law school students who may have an interest in exploring certain areas of practice or leadership opportunities, such as becoming a judge, owning a solo practice, the road to partnership, and what it’s like to be a mediator.

This is a fabulous opportunity to share your experiences and to take advantage of the great resources that comprise HAWL. Please consider becoming a Mentor of the Moment when you complete your registration for the Mentoring program.


For questions regarding the Mentoring Program, contact the Mentoring Committee: Erin Jackson; Melanie Griffin; or Woody Isom

Thank you for your continued support for this important program!