Join a Committee

Please indicate the HAWL committees on which you would like to serve. HAWL prides itself in making committee participation easy and enjoyable! Each committee allows you to volunteer for specific events that fit within your time schedule. Committee participation is voluntary and very much appreciated.

Further information on any committee can be obtained by contacting the chairperson(s) listed.

_______Awards Committee

Chairs: Alex Haddad (; and

Sara Peacock (

Committee members may meet periodically and will be asked to help prepare applications and proposals for awards and grants for HAWL and its members.

_______Community Outreach Committee

Chair: Liz Lanier (; and

Cynthia Mikos (

Committee members assist in organizing and participating in HAWL’s community outreach programs or charitable events. Committee members meet periodically as a committee and volunteer for the events sponsored by the committee.

______ Diversity Committee

Chairs: Miriam Velez-Valkenburg (; and

Katherine Yanes (

Committee members will assist in organizing and participating in various projects related to gender, racial, and ethnic equality, that are coordinated with the Hillsborough County Bar Association, the George Edgecomb Bar Association, and other minority bar associations. Committee members may meet on occasion as a committee and will be asked to volunteer at one of the sponsored events.

_______Judicial Relations Committee

Chairs: John Schifino (;

Betsey Hapner (; and

Jessica Goodwin Costello (

Committee members will meet periodically to organize various events, including the Annual Judicial Reception, for the purpose of appreciating and promoting collegial relations with members of the judiciary. Additionally, Committee members will also participate in honoring the accomplishments of current judges and recognizing newly appointed judges.

_______Mentoring Committee

Chairs: Erin Jackson (;

Woody Isom (; and

Melanie Griffin (

Committee members are asked to mentor a Stetson or Cooley Law Student and to help plan and attend two social functions between the mentors and students.

_______Pro Bono Committee

Chairs: Jena Hudson (; and

Paige Greenlee (

Committee members meet periodically to help develop, assist with and implement pro bono opportunities for HAWL members.

_______Scholarship Committee

Chairs: Jane Rose (; and

Kristen Chittenden (

Committee members meet in early 2015 to review scholarship applications and help select student winners for the annual scholarships sponsored by HAWL.

_______Young Lawyers Committee

Chairs: Katie Wright (; and

Kelli Ragan (

Committee members will help organize and participate in networking, professional development, and continuing education events for attorneys age 36 and younger or who have been in practice five years or fewer. This committee will also partner with the mentoring committee to facilitate opportunities for young lawyers to meaningfully interact with more seasoned law practice professionals.

_______Solo & Small Practitioners Committee

Chair: Kamilah Perry (

Committee members will help organize and participate in networking, professional development, and continuing education events for solo practitioners or attorneys who practice in small law firm settings.

_______Communications/Newsletter Committee

Chairs: Lexie Larkin (

Committee members will collaborate, gathering and submitting timely news articles, practice tips, event photographs, and other information of interest to HAWL membership for dissemination in on-line/e-mail periodic news publications. This committee will regularly collaborate with HAWL’s Public Relations/Publicity Committee.

_______Public Relations/Publicity Committee

Chair: Amanda Ballard Clay (

Committee members will assist the committee chair in ensuring the HAWL website and social media sites maintain current and relevant information and content. Committee members will be asked to attend HAWL events to take pictures for posting on HAWL’s website and social media sites. This committee will regularly collaborate with HAWL’s Communications/Newsletter Committee.